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Fog It is not as I imagined, this I most feared. The frigid waters—I do not feel the cold like when I was alive.  The undulating movement is mostly soothing, although there are periods of tumultuous currents, just like our lives before we reached this sandy bottom. There are wisps of light, even at this […]

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The Open Door

The Open Door The door was always open. Locked, for sure, but open in spirit.  A security screen door, then a regular front door—a double entrance for those trickling in on Friday evenings. We were young couples in Miami, my husband and I, and his extended family:  his sister and two cousins he grew up […]

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Where It All Started

Where It All Started His glowing peach fuzz skin and perfect teeth were more than she could take.  She’d had to wear braces and spent a small fortune on acne products.  Anything to conceal, cover, dry up the constant pimply eruptions.  But none of them worked.  Uggghhh Just wait, Martha told herself, till puberty hits.  […]

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A Terminal Case

A Terminal Case   “You won’t believe what he said today.” His wife’s reflections after her doctor’s appointments were understandably anxiety-ridden, and she needed his support. “We don’t have much time left.  I don’t have much time left. That’s what he said.  You don’t seem to care. “ “Of course I care.  It breaks my […]

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An Invitation

Invites can be a funny thing in the age of technology and social media.  Invitations are supposed to be welcoming, celebratory, but given the nature of Facebook, they can be a signal to those who are invited, as well as to those who are not invited—and that can be hurtful. FB is a cool tool, […]

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10 NY Minutes

I was little when I first landed in NY, a pre-kindergartner dressed in a yellow pique dress hardly suited for November winds. My aunt greeted me with saltine crackers and a cozy jacket from the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store; it had a furry collar, sleeves that covered my hands, and was way too […]

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Today is my great aunt’s 90th birthday.  She makes 90 look like the new 70, may be even the new 62-ish.  Of course, she’s never married or had children ha!  She stopped coloring her hair some years ago; if she still did that, she’d look 60-ish, hands down. Tita is cute.  We have called her […]

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