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The Open Door

The Open Door The door was always open. Locked, for sure, but open in spirit.  A security screen door, then a regular front door—a double entrance for those trickling in on Friday evenings. We were young couples in Miami, my husband and I, and his extended family:  his sister and two cousins he grew up […]

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Where It All Started

Where It All Started His glowing peach fuzz skin and perfect teeth were more than she could take.  She’d had to wear braces and spent a small fortune on acne products.  Anything to conceal, cover, dry up the constant pimply eruptions.  But none of them worked.  Uggghhh Just wait, Martha told herself, till puberty hits.  […]

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A Terminal Case

A Terminal Case   “You won’t believe what he said today.” His wife’s reflections after her doctor’s appointments were understandably anxiety-ridden, and she needed his support. “We don’t have much time left.  I don’t have much time left. That’s what he said.  You don’t seem to care. “ “Of course I care.  It breaks my […]

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An Invitation

Invites can be a funny thing in the age of technology and social media.  Invitations are supposed to be welcoming, celebratory, but given the nature of Facebook, they can be a signal to those who are invited, as well as to those who are not invited—and that can be hurtful. FB is a cool tool, […]

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10 NY Minutes

I was little when I first landed in NY, a pre-kindergartner dressed in a yellow pique dress hardly suited for November winds. My aunt greeted me with saltine crackers and a cozy jacket from the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store; it had a furry collar, sleeves that covered my hands, and was way too […]

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Today is my great aunt’s 90th birthday.  She makes 90 look like the new 70, may be even the new 62-ish.  Of course, she’s never married or had children ha!  She stopped coloring her hair some years ago; if she still did that, she’d look 60-ish, hands down. Tita is cute.  We have called her […]

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